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Vern Wilburn, PE, PTOE


Vern is a recognized expert in traffic engineering. Throughout his 40+ years of experience in the industry in both the public and private sectors, Vern worked as a public servant as the City Traffic Engineer in Shreveport, Louisiana and as the County Signal Engineer in Cobb County, Georgia, started and grew a Traffic Engineering Department for a previous firm, and founded his previous business, which grew to be a successful traffic engineering and traffic signal installation business.

Vern has authored many technical publications for the Georgia Department of Transportation (GDOT), including the first GDOT Traffic Signal Design Guidelines and Signing and Marking Design Guidelines while working on the first GDOT Statewide Signal Design Contract in the late 90’s. He also prepared the first major redesign of the GDOT Driveway and Encroachment Control Manual in 2003.

Vern’s expertise includes ATMS and Traffic Control Center Plans, Cost-Benefit Analysis, Traffic Studies, Traffic Signal Design, Signing and Marking Design, and Signal Timing. He has also been working with the GDOT throughout much of his career, from which he has gathered knowledge of GDOT policies and procedures and significant experience facilitating the review, approval, and permitting by GDOT of many different types of projects.

Vern’s Key Project Experience

Statewide Traffic Signal Improvements Project, Georgia DOT, Atlanta, GA

Managed the preparation of construction plans for over 62 intersections in 8 different Counties throughout Georgia.

Advanced Traffic Management System Design, Paulding County

Vern was the Consultant Project Manager for this PDP project and was responsible for the design of the fiber connectivity. He developed the fiber routing and splicing diagrams, which included integration of several existing fiber systems as well as the integration into the GDOT Regional Network through the Cobb TCC.

ITS Expansion Project, Douglas County, GA

Vern assisted with construction plans for the expansion of the Douglas County ITS including the installation of 3.5 miles of fiber cable, 12 surveillance cameras and integration of a total of 18 traffic signals.

Dekalb County Signal Improvement Project, Dekalb County, GA

Vern designed signal improvements and a fiber cable communication system for 34 intersections in Dekalb County. Construction plans, in accordance with GDOT PDP, for new signals, mast arms, and ADA compliance.

Governors Fast Forward Signal Upgrade Project, Georgia DOT, Atlanta, GA

Vern managed the preparation of traffic signal upgrade plans to improve signal system and control equipment at 45 intersections in 3 Counties in Metro Atlanta.

Interchange Modification, GA 400 at I-85, Atlanta, GA

Vern prepared plans for construction signing, overhead signing, and signal plans for a design-build project to add the two movements that were not previously provided.

City-Wide Signal Timing Project, Columbus, GA

Vern managed the development and implementation of optimized signal timing for 75 intersections.

Douglas County TCC, Douglas County, GA

Vern assisted with development of installation plans for fiber optic cable, CCTV cameras. Assisted with migrating signal controllers to Ethernet and integrating into TCC operation.

Columbus Advanced Traffic Control System, Columbus, GA

Vern managed the development of plans for a Traffic Control Center (TCC) and a communication system to integrate field devices including 19 miles of fiber optic trunk lines and a wireless system to place the downtown signal system onto the trunk line.

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